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With over a billion dollars in projects under development and in the pipeline, Traders in Purple is the largest private developer in the Illawarra region of New South Wales and on the Redcliffe Peninsula in Queensland. 

Traders in Purple has over 30 years of business experience and development know-how, dating back to the early 80s. Traders in Purple utilise dedicated teams of engineers, architects, town planners and landscape specialists to ensure that all its staged projects build communities and have a positive effect on the locale and environment. Committed to urban renewal, Traders in Purple are experts in urban renewal, rezoning and heritage requirements. To date its track record is an astounding 100% completion rate on all projects.

Flexible and dynamic in its approach, Traders in Purple adheres to a finely tuned formula, a strict code of conduct, and strong relationships with all its major business partners. Its design methodology incorporates state-of-the-art technology and draws on only the best local and international trends. 

From a commercial view, Traders in Purple’s strategic acquisition of development sites in iconic, waterside locations such as Wollongong, Redcliffe, Scarborough, Margate and Woody Point consistently guarantees its clients a higher capital return on their investment. Expanding into Brisbane and Sydney, will see these values grow through their innovative approach and methodology.

Setting a new standard as creators of resort-style, luxury living, and with an impressive track record of 100 percent project completion, Traders in Purple produces all its projects with leisure and lifestyle in mind.

Traders in Purple’s stellar success is evident in all its completed projects. Examples include the award-winning Vantage in Wollongong with its renewed urban use of residential and commercial; the recently completed The Scarborough that effortlessly combines residential apartments, commercial suites, retail outlets, restaurants and recreational areas all in one vibrant space; and Waters Edge in Moreton Bay that boasts spectacular water views and is considered one of the area’s most spectacular and dramatic architectural developments.


Mission To cement its frontline position among Australia’s leading development companies, and to provide Australian and international real estate buyers with access to competitively priced, premium lifestyle and investment property.

Vision To create beautiful places and spaces that connect with the heritage of the areas in which they are built, and that epitomise luxurious, hi-standard living that people aspire to.

Values Open, transparent, and ethical business practices; clear and timely communication; community satisfaction and high-quality design and implementation.


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Australia Square
Level 31, 264 George Street
Sydney NSW 2000

1/113 Landsborough Avenue
Scarborough QLD 4020

Po Box 1984
Macquarie Centre
NSW 2113 Australia



telephone: 1300 432 432
email: info@tradersinpurple.com