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When choosing a name to capture all the qualities of their fledgling company, the principals looked to the rich trading history of the Phoenicians for inspiration. Undoubtedly the greatest traders of the ancient world and, in a very real sense, creators of the world’s first ‘economy’, the Phoenicians were known as ‘traders in purple’ owing to their monopoly of the Tyrian purple dye. First produced in the Phoenician city of Tyre during the Bronze Age, the precious dye was derived from the shell of the Murex sea snail. Its difficulty of manufacture and resistance to fading made clothing dyed using this purple highly desirable and symbolic of high status.

The dye’s use and popularity spread across the Mediterranean region and during the Byzantine period the status-conscious Romans, who were particularly fond of purple garments, reserved the dye’s use for the ruling elite. 

Only Imperial family members, magistrates and select people of power were permitted to wear the praetexta – 

a white toga with a purple border. Generals celebrated during a Roman Triumph could wear the picta – a purple toga with a gold border. In time, the colour purple became synonymous with Imperial power and the emperor himself.

In the spirit of the ancient Phoenicians, Traders in Purple prides itself on creating the highest quality products. This is why, from its establishment, it has specialised in developing premium, hi-yield projects. All Traders in Purple projects are created using the latest manufacturing technology and feature superior materials and finishes throughout. 

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